Singapore – a ‘City in a Garden’

The previous posts have offered a slight glimpse into the urban-political-ecology interactions that takes place within Singapore, through different flows and materialities of air, water, animals, and technological networks. Don’t be mistaken, however, that the discussions are all inclusive, as they are but a minute part of the wider urban-political-ecology assemblage, which is indeed, very much bigger than its parts (Keil, 2003).

Through the discussions, I have tried to link the various posts and even to other cities because that itself is the myriad complex interactions that UPE is – socio-natural processes that impacts and is impacted by the political arm of city life, effected unevenly through top-down and bottom-up actors (Griezen and Roemers, 2014).

Indeed, it has been an enriching journey sharing my thoughts on Singapore through a UPE lens – I have learnt so much more about this country I call home! As Singapore moves towards the narrative of a ‘City in a Garden’ (NParks, 2015), there will be much more to discover, so do chat me up if you see me around in school!

Thank You!

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Giezen, M. and G. Roemers (2014) ‘Metabolism in context – the metabolic Planner: Reflection on Urban Planning from the Perspective of Urban Metabolism’, Master studio urban planning, 14-27.

Keil, R. (2003). “Urban Political Ecology’, Urban Geography 24, 8, 723-738.

NParks (2015) ‘5th National Report to the Convention on Biological Diversity (2010-2014)’, Singapore: NParks Report.


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Yi Ming Ang

University College London Undergraduate Year 3 GEOG 3076 Urban Political Ecology Module

One thought on “Singapore – a ‘City in a Garden’”

  1. It has been a true pleasure to have read through your blogs! I have learned so much more about the garden city of singapore, including sustainability, smart futures, the haze and urban animals. I can see that although each city’s urban metabolism is made unique by its specific contexts, there are many different themes that unite cities across the world, may it be Singapore, Seoul or Rotterdam. Your insights have been very interesting and I shall definitely hit you up sometime to have more knowledgeable exchanges of ideas 🙂 Thank You!

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