A look at Singapore through the lens of a UPE student

Singapore is a tiny city-state located along the equator, and is home to some 5.6 million people on a mere 719.1 km2 of land. Indeed, such high-density living have at times resulted in utility considerations to triumph conservation ideals (NParks, 2010), but is this city void of ecological wonders? Far from it. In fact, the current government has in place myriad initiatives to provide Singapore with the narrative of a ‘City in a garden’ (NParks, 2015).

Come put on your UPE lens – and join me as I explore the urban-political-ecology interactions that entwines the many facets of everyday living in Singapore! Indeed, the UPE of a city goes beyond the surface of nature in its simplest form, and sieves out the dynamic flows and interactions of socio-natural aspects, often affected by the political consideration of governance (Heynen, 2014).

Take a peek:

Let’s go!

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Heynen, N. (2014) ‘Urban political ecology I: The urban century’, Progress in Human Geography, 38, 4, 598-604.

NParks (2010) ‘4th National Report to the Convention on Biological Diversity’, Singapore: NParks Report.

NParks (2015) ‘5th National Report to the Convention on Biological Diversity (2010-2014)’, Singapore: NParks Report.


Published by

Yi Ming Ang

University College London Undergraduate Year 3 GEOG 3076 Urban Political Ecology Module

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